I have really enjoyed this class this semester.  I really like that the class is a safe space to talk about sensitive maters having to do with culture.  I really like that we can tackle and talk about political correctness in an educational way that helps understand the different ways it is appropriate to communicate to each other and other cultures we may not be familiar with.  I really like the diversity in our class as well.  I am a white male and I really value the thoughts from my other classmates that might be of other race, gender, or another diverse background other than mine.  

“Power Matters” was a fun read.  Im not sure why all my classes sync up, but the past week all of my professors have been giving lectures on Power.  I think this is a really interesting topic and something that can be dove into deeply.  I really think power matters and is important to have.  We need power in our own lives and with others to accomplish goals and tasks.  Without it nothing would get done. 

With that being said I do think that Power can be a negative thing as well.  If people are using power to negatively influence or effect someone else, this can be where power is destructive.  I think many people use power to do this.  Doing that can be very hurtful and damaging to relationships.  

I think power also can given to others.  Sometimes in my own life I find it refreshing to not have the power.  Having the power all the time can be stressful and exhausting.  I think the most important thing is knowing yourself and knowing when it’s time to have the power and let someone else have the power.  This will help build more meaningful relationships and be better communicators.  

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